Mission to Cuba!


Beth Shalom Synagogue, the largest of Havana’s three synagogues


Although the deadline to join the trip has passed, there is still a little wiggle room.  If you act fast, there’s still time – but the window of opportunity is brief, so don’t tarry! 

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Join Cantor Gail Hirschenfang, Shir Chadash members, family and friends on a mission to Cuba from May 31 – June 8.  Travelers will have trip of cultural and religious discovery getting to know the real Cuba while helping and meeting the Jewish Community.

Registration Deadline – March 30, 2015
Contact Sandy Lash for details  (845) 227-4650

Concert ~ Neil Berg’s 100 Years of Broadway


~Save the date~

Saturday, May 30

8 PM

James Earl Jones Theater ~ Poughkeepsie Day School

Tickets $35 in advance | $40 at the door | $20 students

Building Update

The Board of Trustees has listened, researched and contemplated. After much thought and discussion among all our members, the Board recognizes that as lovely and enticing as the building at 991 Noxon Road is, it’s not the right building at the right time for us and we will no longer pursue that purchase.Chagall_JW_Candelabra

The strength of Shir Chadash has to do with the process; getting to the right place only works if we get there the right way and we journey together. How many organizations know what the right path looks like? Not many.

The path involves weighing the factors and listening to the stakeholders. It’s knowing how to look backward at what we’ve been even as we look forward to envision what we want to grow into.

Setting up the online members corner was one way in which all voices could contribute in a safe, thoughtful way. No flaming, no anger – just a calm place in which all congregants could speak their mind and ask their questions.

So while some of us are bound to be disappointed with the decision, and others of us will be relieved, all of us participated in figuring out this important puzzle that would determine our future. This is the Shir Chadash way – to speak and listen and think. To be respectful of each other and trust that together we’ll work it out.

We did good.

Win/Win With Groceries UPDATE!

Join us in an easy fund-raising effort that will fit right into your weekly grocery trip.  Just buy grocery GIFT CARDS from Shir Chadash.  This is how it works:
  • Buy gift cards in in$25 increments from Shir Chadash
  • Choose Hannaford, ShopRite,  Adams Fairacre Farms or Stop & Shop
  • When Shir Chadash has accumulated $1,000 per store, you get your cards
  • A percentage of the money you spend comes back to Shir Chadash
Use PayPal to place your order – you can use a credit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

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