Tonight!  One night only!!   Purim singalong at Shir Chadash followed by a mini carnival and lots of hamantashen.  Clap your hands and stamp your feet, grind your grogger and shout – and you know why!  Because Haman, that’s why!

Building Plans – An Update

So it turns out that as Jews we have 4 “New Years” each year (how extravagant of us!). Somehow it sounds like the old joke of if you have two Jews, you have three opinions… but there really are 4, and January 1st makes a 5th. As the Rabbi discussed last Shabbat, each is an opportunity for reflection, renewal and change. And so it’s not altogether unfitting for us to look back and to look ahead as a congregation, today.
Specifically, I wanted to bring you up to date on our plans for finding a permanent home. Our original idea of building on the beautiful land on Freedom Road (so appropriately named!) has hit some stumbling blocks, mostly a question of cost. Other options for moving ahead are being considered, such as acquiring an existing structure, or using space to be built by the church as they renovate. As I write these words it is important to keep in mind that we are in many ways an extended family, and no road will be chosen without the endorsement of the family. Whatever we do, it’s only going to work if we are in it together.
At this point we’re gathering information on the various possibilities. In the near future we will set up a congregational meeting to present the information, and to allow congregants to consider and to discuss. Your Board and Building Committee, under the leadership of your president, are working to get questions answered so that we’ll be able to have an informed discussion… together. Until then, please be patient.
Meanwhile, the engine that will fuel any future plan is the vibrancy of our congregation. We offer a rare and to be cherished Caring Community in this 24/7 fragmented world. A place where everybody knows your name. If you are reading this note and you’re not a member, ask yourself why not? What are you doing on Friday night at 7:30? Or Saturday at 9? Or when we serve dinner to the homeless, or when we learn or when we teach our children or when we share our joys or when we share our sorrows? If you are a member, wonderful… be more of a member. If you have your toe in… put an ankle in. You’ll find the congregation’s warm!
Happy New Year!
Michael Rothman
Chair of the Building Committee

Win/Win With Groceries UPDATE!

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